IZANAH JONES is a World Reggae Artist. LOVING REGGAE, a new and updated version of her debut album REGGAE FOR LOVE, was mixed by Karl Van Pitterson (Bob Marley’s beloved engineer). In LOVING REGGAE, Izanah integrates vocals, lyrics and music with a unique blend of true expression, creativity and a classic roots reggae sound. This sparkling mix enlivens the Reggae Spirit. REGGAE FOR LOVE hard copy cd is available at www.cdbaby.com/izanahjones and the digital downloads are available at most internet music stores: www.iTunes.com/IzanahJones, http://www.amazon.com/Reggae-for-Love/dp/B004QRGV88, http://vibedeck.com/izanahjones, etc. My new book, GOD AND HEALING will be launched shortly. I’ll keep you updated. This book reminds us all to uplift our consciousness, for we are all interconnected and who we are affects each other. ONE LOVE every time!