New Album from Izanah Jones

“A Reggae Heart” 

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Ready to dip into a smooth reggae groove? Let A REGGAE HEART take you for a cool, refreshing cruise! This fresh 12 track album release by reggae singer/songwriter Izanah Jones will surely grow on you. The more you listen, the more it takes root: real roots reggae music.

a reggae heart album cover roots musicIzanah Music

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lzanah Jones is a World Reggae recording artist and top-class lyricist who is based in the Caribbean. Remarkably, she builds the rhythms of her own songs that she writes, arranges, sings and also produces. Influenced greatly by Bob Marley, her conscious music is recorded predominantly in Jamaica, West Indies.

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Why Raw Beat? Because we’re keeping it real. We want to preserve the authentic feel of the music without over-production. Over polished audio tracks diminish the original vibe of the music, that “beat street sound” – the rhythm that inspires you to jump up, wind your waist and dance! Learn more